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Benefit from our continuous effort to the optimized solution and our several manufacturing bases, our company is to attribute our effort to provide high-quality and economic solar mounting products and bring the added value to our customers.
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  • Double sided ballasted system

    Completely innovative component-reduced, low ballast unilateral elevation system for variable orientation of west and east, with same yield performance.
  • Tile roof

    CM Solar #28 hook is bottom mounted solution matched with aluminum rails and clamps for tile roof. Its double adjustable transfer kits can meet with various tiles needs.
  • Single ramming pile

    Simple and fast installation Instead of preparing cement base in advance the vertical shaft is punched into the ground (pile driving depth: 1500-2000mm)
  • Ground screw mounting solution

    Simple and fast installation No precast foundation base no onsite welding or fabrication as required in other solutions like piles which allows a significant cost reduction.
  • Aluminum carport

    Smart solution for solar energy and car. People who want reduce the electricity bill. People whose roof is already installed solar systemand want to increase power generation.

CM SOLAR, Your PV racking partner

Since 2014, we have been developing pioneering and highly functional mounting system solutions for photovoltaic installations around the world.We design our systems in our own product development department, where we continually optimise and adapt mounting systems to the ever-changing market.Our customers benefit from our long-standing international experience and expertise, as well as our personal approach to customer relations.Thanks to our own locations and our worldwide sales network, We look forward to working with you!
With more than 10 years experience, our team strives to provide best engineering service for the customers all over the world.

The Professional Choice

CMSolar’s unique software-based process allows to quickly develop and manufacture aluminum-based racking solutions taylormade for any project’s requirements, design or engineering challenges.