Independent single axes tracker

Smart solution for solar Energy

The Planum Photovoltaic Solar System must be installed in a ventilated roof with double strips and sheet
waterproof. CM Solar offers all the complements and accessories for a perfect ventilated roof
with 360 ° Solutions .
Consult the CM Solar tile installation manual for all the information regarding the installation of ceramic tiles. Both this installation manual and the Solar System installation manual
Photovoltaic Planum must be read together.

Type Self-powered independent single-row tracking system
Drive Type Slewing drive+24VDC motor
Power supply Independent self-powered panel+ energy storage battery
Daily Energy consumption 0.1KW H/D
Panels/row 80-90
Maximum system voltage 1000V/1500V
Rows /
Power Supply DC24V/Self-powered
Foundation Punch pile/PHC-pile/ Concrete pile
Ground slope E-W: Unrestricted; N-S: Max 15% slope
Flat wind speed <18m/s
Max Wind Speed (10min) 40 m/s Optional
Module Type Compatible with all components
Operation Temperature -40 ℃-85 ℃
Control Algorithm Astronomical Algorithms+Tilt Sensor
Tracking Accuracy ≤±1°
Shadow Avoiding Yes
Communication Interface With wired RS485 and wireless LORA
Daily Energy Consumption Self-Reset/ Rain Washing/ Manual operation

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