Ground screw mounting solution

CG601 CM Solar Ground screw mounting solution

Simple and fast installation No precast foundation base no onsite welding or fabrication as required in other solutions like piles which allows a significant cost reduction. Only a Spiral Piling Machine is needed to dig and drill. Typically 100-200 screws can be installed per day per machine in a medium stiff soil. 
Suitable for all types of soil Ground screw is the fast and cost effective solution to ground mounting system in all known geologies from loose soil to bedrock sand marsh and slopes up to 30 degrees.
Compatible with all type of mount structures The head of ground screw can be adapted to whatever the customer’s need is.
Environmentally friendly Without performing and preparation works the surrounding areas remains unspoiled。 Besides without corruption and zero disposal costs the screw is totally recyclable complying with the environmental protection concept. 
Easy and quick relocation High possibility of removing them reducing the environmental impact and minimizing the removing costs. 

Installation Site: Open field
Tilt Angle: According to customer’s feasibility study
Applicable Module: Silicon / thin-film module
Material: Q235B & AL6063T5
Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing & anodizing
Wind Load: 130km / h
Snow Load: 0.5kN / m²

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