Double ramming pile

CG301 Double ramming pile solution


Simple and fast installation Instead of preparing cement base in advance the vertical shaft is punched into the ground (pile driving depth: 1500-2000mm) by a pile driver which greatly saves the installation time and cost.  

Strong adaptability to installation site Punching pile has lower requests for surface flatness than traditional cement foundation and is its installation is not affected by the seasons.

Compatible with all type of structures The head of the punching pile can be adapted to whatever the customer’s need is (for example we have punching piles with flange plate and without flange plate)

Environmental friendly Without performing and preparation works the surrounding areas remain unspoiled. Besides without corruption and zero disposal costs the pile is totally recyclable complying with the environmental protection concept.  

Easy and quick relocation Punching pile is easy to remove so that the installation site can be reused. 



Side support






Installation Site: Open field
Tilt Angle: According to customer’s feasibility study
Applicable Module: Silicon / thin-film module
Material: Q235B & Al6063 T5
Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing & anodizing
Wind Load: 130km / h
Snow Load: 0.5kN / m²

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