Double pile with cement base

CG501 CM Solar Double piles with cement base

Easy to Install The simple structure and some pre-assembly (such as the pre-assembly between feet and support the pre-assembly between the back angle steel and the back support etc.) greatly reduces the installation time and cost. 

Firm cement foundation With good strength high accuracy and strong adaptability to various types of soils cement pile is the most commonly used pile. The support is fixed on the cement foundation by feet and foundation bolt. 

Low Raw Material Cost The structure of the mount is optimized to use as little carbon steel as possible which makes our price very competitive.

Adaptable to Various Types of Modules The height of the clamp and the length of the rail can be adjusted to match customer’s modules.

Proven Reliability The system is designed to stand up to the extreme weather and other international structure load standard by the skilled engineer. The main support components also have been test to guaranty its structure and load-carrying

capacity. Its service life can reach 25 years.

Installation Site: Open field

Tilt Angle: According to customer’s feasibility study

Applicable Module: Silicon / thin-film module

Material: Q235B

Surface Treatment: Hot-dip galvanizing

Wind Load: 130km / h

Snow Load: 0.5kN / m²

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