CG101 CM Solar PHC pile ground mounting solution

The PHC pile solution is popularly used in China Mainland, Taiwan, Vietnam, and south Asia
This solution can be used for the following sites.
① Soft ground with cohesive soil, sandy soil
② The site with heavy humidity and corrosion
③ The site with huge wind load 
④ Most projects with this solution are close to sea share or in some lake.
① The system with PHC pile is stronger and stable than the screw pile or punch pile. 
② The cost of structure can be reduced since the basement is stronger enough.

Installation site: open area, lake and wetland.
Installation angle: from 5°to 40°
Module: poly/mono/thin film
Material:The main components are HDG Steel/POSMAC , the clamp are aluminum. The hardware are stainless steel.
Wind load: up to 57m/s
Snow load: 0.5KN/M²

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