BIPV solar solution

Smart solution for solar Energy

The Planum Photovoltaic Solar System must be installed in a ventilated roof with double strips and sheet
waterproof. CM Solar offers all the complements and accessories for a perfect ventilated roof
with 360 ° Solutions .
Consult the CM Solar tile installation manual for all the information regarding the installation of ceramic tiles. Both this installation manual and the Solar System installation manual
Photovoltaic Planum must be read together.

Type CMMST110
Maximum power output(W) 110
Tolerance of power output(W) ±3%
Open-circuit voltage Voc(V) 22.5
Short-circuit current Isc(A) 6.79
Optimum operating voltage Vm(V) 10
Recommended current Im(A) 6.11
Cell efficiency(%) 22%
Type diameter and length of cable 4mm²,900mm
Quantity of solar cell 2*18
dimension of solar cell(mm) 156.75*94.5
dimension of solar tile(mm) 1780*342
Weight(kg) 11
Material of back sheet black back sheet
specification and thickness of glass High transparency low iron tempered glass,thickness:3.2mm
Compressive strength >3000N
water permeability <0.5%

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